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Commercial Inspections

If you are considering investing in a small commercial building it is just as important for you to know the condition of the structure and the utilities in place, as it is in a residential investment or the purchase of your home. Commonly referred to as Property Condition Assessments, our thorough assessments and comprehensive reports will provide you with the insight required to make an informed decision whether you are a building owner, property manager, tenant, lender, or leasing agent.


We provide Property Condition Assessments on multi-dwelling units, office buildings, restaurants, churches, daycare centers, warehouses, and retail centers of small to medium size (100,000sqft., or less). Our inspection reports are can be built to meet your needs and address your specific concerns, or customized to include a more comprehensive study, comprising a review of such items as fire protection, parking garages, mechanical systems, elevators, phase 1 environmental site assessments. In those instances, we partner with a team of reputable professionals and specialists to assist in the inspection process; we serve as a single point of contact, consolidating the evaluation process and ensuring your interests are accounted for in all aspects of your commercial space. Call Serenity Inspections today to schedule your commercial inspection.

International Standards of Practice For Inspecting Commercial Inspections

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