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Understanding the findings of your inspection are just as important as a thorough inspection by a certified home inspector. Our comprehensive inspection reports provide our clients with an easy to read, interactive, web-based evaluation. We utilize Spectora inspection software, which allows us to compile in-depth information while we are conducting our inspection, and directly build the report on-site. When we are finished, we combine all aspects of our inspection including all images, scans, and videos, in addition to our notes and evaluations, to create our dynamic electronic report. These electronic reports are available to our clients within 48 hours of the scheduled inspection; a printed copy of the inspection report is also available within 48 hours of the inspection if utilizing the web-based reporting service is not an option.

Additionally, we use Spectora to streamline our contracts and payment options. Our inspection contracts are sent via email to our clients. An individual client portal is setup for each client which provides web-based access to all of the important documents associated with the inspection, such as inspection agreements/contracts, invoices, etc.; the client portal allows clients to digitally accept and sign all inspection agreements, and pay online. We are happy to accommodate clients that require a paper inspection contract and/or more traditional forms of payment (i.e. cash or check). While we typically encourage our clients to join us during the inspection, we are offering a variety virtual meeting options in place of the traditional face-to-face interactions or on-site meetings. At this time, if clients should need to attend the inspection, and it is not possible utilize one of the virtual meeting options, we respectfully request that clients plan to attend at the end of the inspection. We are always available to answer any questions our clients might have, both before and after the inspection.

To view a sample of our interactive, web-based inspection report, please click the link below.

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