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Residential Inspections

General Home Inspection

(Buyers Home Inspection)

Our certified inspector has the knowledge and expertise to provide you with a comprehensive and skilled inspection of your home, from exterior to interior and top to bottom. We pride ourselves on inspecting to the highest level of industry standards and ethics established by the State of Oregon and InterNACHI, and always work to exceed those standards and our client’s expectations. Our reports go above and beyond what our competitors produce to ensure that you have the best and most precise information in an easy to read format to be confident in your purchase. We approach all we do with the utmost professionalism, integrity, and dedication, and bring all of our experience, knowledge, and training to every inspection, knowing that such an important decision on a home is not to be taken lightly. Let Serenity Inspections help you find your peace of mind in your new home purchase.

Pre-List/Pre-Sale Inspection

(Sellers Home Inspection)

With home prices constantly appreciating there’s never a more important time than now to have your home inspected and know its condition prior to putting your home on market. Taking such a step provides you with the assurance you need during your real estate negotiations, helping to safeguard your investment. Let Serenity Inspections work hard to inspect every area of your home, from roof to foundation and walls to windows, providing an impartial snapshot of your homes condition avoiding any last-minute surprises from a buyer’s inspector. 

Maintenance Inspection

A Home Maintenance Inspection, also known as a preventative maintenance inspection, will provide you with a snapshot of the current health of your home; all of the same structures and systems that we inspect during a general home inspection are included in a maintenance inspection.  As with all our inspections and services, we provide an unbiased opinion about the current condition of your home. During our inspection we will walk you through our findings, taking the time to discuss any items we have noted and address any questions you might have. When the inspection and walk through are complete, you will receive a detailed, comprehensive inspection report including any photos or videos that we took during our inspection. A home maintenance inspection can be a cost-effective way to keep your home in tiptop shape by providing a snapshot of the inner workings of your home and its systems, while helping you catch any issues before they turn into a big problem.

Many builders provide home buyers with a one-year builders warranty, covering defects with the homes construction or associated systems. Even newly constructed homes can have problems. Unfortunately, some of these issues may not appear right away, may be very serious, or may go undetected by the homeowner. An 11th-month warranty inspection examines the systems and structures as a general home inspection, and could save the homeowner thousands of dollars in repairs if any issues or defects are identified prior to the warranty coverage end date. 

11th-Month Warranty Inspection

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